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Finding Out What The Trouble Is

User manual for your System

Click on your Keypad to download the user manual for your system.


Maxys  1616  632/832/1555
 9047  Envoy


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Report an issue

To receive technical support please contact us at 937-2273 (1-877-901-2050) or visit the contact page to submit a trouble ticket. 


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Finding Out What The Trouble Is

With all of our systems there is a simple way to determine why the amber trouble light is on.  From the security keypad, press the star ( * ) button.  Followed by the number 2.  At the top of the screen, one or more small numbers should appear.

 The Following List explains what the different numbers mean, and actions you should take.

 #  Trouble Condition  Action Required

General System trouble

 Call for Service


 AC Failure.

 The system has lost power, check to make sure power is on, the breaker is on, and the plug is securely inserted into the electrical outlet. If you can not find any issue as to why there would be no power. Call for service.


 Telephone Line Trouble

 Check to see if your phone has dial tone.  If there is no dial tone, check with sasktel to ensure they are not doing work in the area.  If the problem persists, call for service.  If you have dialtone, please call for service.


 Requires System test

 To preform a system test, follow the following instructions, please note the siren will sound breifly upon successfull completion of a system test.

[#] [*] [Master Code] [4] [#] [#]


 Device Fault

 Call for Service


 Device Tamper

 Press 6 to find out which device currently has the tamper.  The zone number will flash.  Check this zone to ensure that the cover is firmly seated. If there is no obvious sign please call for service.


 Wireless Device Low Battery

 Press 7 to determine which wireless device currently has a low battery. A number should appear indicating which zone.  If no number appears, press 7 two more times.  If a number appears it is a wireless keyfob. Please replace battery in indicated device.  If you require help please call for service.


 Loss of Clock

 The date and time needs to be reset on the system.  To enter follow instructions below:

 [#] [*] [6] [Master Code] [1]

Enter the time and date using the twenty four hour system, as follows  HH:MM MM/DD/YY

[#] [#]


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