Security Systems

Monitored Systems

Our security systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We use the monitoring company called API dealers.  They have 5 stations across canada,  each with power and phone back up to ensure that they are always there to monitor your system. 

Burglary & Intrusion

We have a wide range of burglary & intrusion devices that can be added to your system to protect your family and home.  Some of the devices are:

We use both a combination of hardwired and wireless security devices to ensure we can suit your security needs.


A smoke detector is only good if some one hears it. With a monitored smoke detector you can be secure knowing that if a fire happens at home no matter wherever you are, help will be on the way.

There are two different options when it comes to monitored smoke detectors.  The first is the standard Smoke Detector.  This one when it triggers will not only send a signal to the security system will also sound its own 85 decible siren.  The hard wired verson runs off of the power of the security system so there is no need to worry about batteries.  The wireless version of this device does contain batteries, but will notify us when they start to get weak and need replacing.

The second option is a heat detector.  This type of decector comes in a few different formats.  They can trigger at a specific heat level, or can trigger if the tempeture rises faster then a certian rate. There is also a third type that will trigger at a certian tempature, as well if the tempature rises faster then a certian rate.

We recommend the heat detector over the smoke detector for commercial applications, as well as any area that may contain smoke over the course of the natural operations, for example a garage or kitchen.

Included in our fire protection are also carbon monoxide detectors.  These hardwired devices monitor the level of deadly CO gasses in your home.  If CO levels start to rise to a dangerous level the CO detector will sound and the monitoring station will call the premisis as well as notify emergency crews.


There are a few options when it comes to environmental monitoring.  We have sensors that will trigger at a low tempeture, we have some that you can set a high and low tempeture to trigger at, as well flood sensors to place in a potential flood area.  With environmental Sensors the authorities will not be dispatched, instead your keyholders will be called in case you yourself can not be reached.