Self Test

How to Preform a Test of Your Security System

To ensure your security system is in proper working condition we recommend that you perform a complete system test once every month. Doing so will bring any issues to the surface that might otherwise remain hidden. To perform the system test, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Call the monitoring center at 1-866-283-7233. You will need to supply them with your account number and your password. Ask them to put your account on test for one hour. Longer if you feel it is necessary. Be aware that the system will automatically come out of test at the end of this time. While it is on test the monitoring center will not call anyone when they receive a signal.

Step 2

To test your system, arm the security system in the away mode. Wait for the countdown delay to expire, and then set it off by opening any doors or walking through any motion areas you wish to test. Allow the siren to stay on for about 45 seconds after triggering the last zone you wish to test and then turn the system off with your four digit code.

Step 3

Call the monitoring center and ask them what signals they have received. Once they have successfully received the signals, ask them to take your system off of test. If no signals were received please contact us to request service and we will schedule a service appointment with you. You can contact us by phone at 1-877-901-2050 or 1-306-937-2273.